Are Vitamins Really Needed?


Vitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and for normal growth and development. If your body does not get enough of the vitamin in its food, or if you pursue a rather unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.) you may become sick. People who eat a varied diet are unlikely to develop a severe vitamin deficiency. It is also important to know that the human body does not store most vitamins. Thus, you should consume vitamins regularly to remain healthy and avoid vitamin deficiency.

There are 13 vitamins your body needs, with each vitamin having a specific job. Harvard School of Public Health has identified the most important vitamins for your body, what they do, and their optimal intakes. If you feel that you may not get all of the important vitamins, dietary supplements could help preventing vitamin deficiency. The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research has collected some tips if you decide to take a vitamin or mineral supplement.

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