Small Silver Tip Badger

Small Silver Tip Badger
Small Silver Tip Badger

Small-Travel size Pure Silver Tip Badger. Top of the range and handmade offering luxury shaving.  Small-Travel size hand selected Silvertip Badger hair is the exceptional quality of having no equal in luxury and feel in shaving brushes.  Use of only the finest natural Badger hair available commonly referred to as "Silvertip or Super badger".  

Silvertip Badger is the longest of all the badger bristles. Hand crafted of modern durable eye catching faux Ivory hand turned barrel to add a touch of elegance. Balanced weighted for maximum comfort and support.  The barrel height of the entire shaving brush including bristle 102mm. Spread of bristle 50mm. Length of bristle 49mm.

This top of the line shaving brush is great for lifting the hair while ex-foliating dead skin cells during the shaving process, minimizing over shaving and causing razor burns. The highest quality brush which will give you many long years of use.This quality shaving brush is what you expect from Kent, manufacturers since 1777. 

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